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Welcome, Friend. I am excited that you stopped by my blog. I hope you find information here that is helpful for you.

The purpose of Love is Stronger is to help everyone heal and strengthen their heart by fostering love and compassion in order to create a more just and peaceful world.  

I write about love as both a personal and political virtue.


One of the most important parts of loving others is learning to love ourselves. We cannot value and have compassion for others if we do not value and have compassion for ourselves. This means that if we want to love others, we have to cultivate a type of self-love.

The idea of self-love, however, can make us feel really uncomfortable, and for good reason. Many times when we hear the word self-love, we equate it with narcissism and selfishness. However, I believe that self-love, properly understood, is not only the foundation for personal wholeness and peace (which brings us power), it is also the foundation for building a more just, humane, and peaceful society and world.

Furthermore, I believe that when we cultivate proper self-love and compassion, we develop a powerful protection against violence, domination, and fascism. In this way, I believe proper self-love is the foundation for healthy relationships and a thriving democracy.

About Me: I have my PhD in philosophy from the University of Kentucky, with a specialty in ethics and social and political philosophy. I also have a masters degree in Educational Leadership from Covenant College.

I teach a variety of classes at Georgetown College including ethics, education for social change, logic, and the history of philosophy. I am also the author of three logic and critical thinking textbooks for middle and high school students, which are published by Classical Academic Press: Argument Builder, Discovery of Deduction (co-author), and Everyday Debate.

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I live in Kentucky with my husband, John

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and my two adorable cats, Jax

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and Leo.

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