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Welcome, Friend. I am excited that you stopped by my blog.

The purpose of Love is Stronger is to help bring more love into our relationship with ourselves and with each other.

About Me: I have my PhD in philosophy, with a specialty in ethics and social and political philosophy. I also have a masters degree in Educational Leadership.

I teach a variety of classes at a local college including ethics, logic, feminist philosophy, and theories of economic justice.

I am the author of three logic and critical thinking textbooks for middle and high school students, which are published by Classical Academic Press: Argument Builder, Discovery of Deduction (co-author), and Everyday Debate.

A lot of the artwork on my blog is my own. I think art is one of the ways we share love with the world, and it often also helps us and others better understand the concepts we are trying to communicate.

Me and Fall #2.jpg

My husband John and I live in Kentucky and have two adorable cats:

John and I #3


Jax and drawing

and Leo.

Leo and Snake

You can follow me on FB: https://www.facebook.com/LovePowerfullyLivePowerfully/

You can also reach me at at shellypruittjohnson@gmail.com and on Instagram at shelly.p.johnson.

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