About the Author

Welcome, Friend. My name is Shelly Johnson, and I am excited that you stopped by my blog. I hope you find information on it that brings more love and beauty into your life and that it empowers you. Here is a little bit about me: For a lot of my life, I struggled with a great deal of anxiety, self-loathing, and an inability to show compassion to myself. This resulted in a lot of problems like perfectionism, control issues and unrealistic expectations in all areas of my life. Over the past decade, I have experienced a personal transformation in which I learned to love myself deeply and unconditionally. This cured many of my most difficult problems of anxiety and self-loathing.

I am convinced that many people struggle with some of these same problems and are not quite sure how to talk about them or what to do about them. In addition, I think that these problems are often caused by cultural problems in the United States and that these same problems also cause a great deal of political loathing in our country. (You will find helpful information on this blog, even if you do not live in the United States.) On this blog, I write about how we can learn to love ourselves better so that we can have happier, healthier, and more powerful lives. I also write about how we can address problems of political loathing in our country so that we can build a more humane and compassionate country together. This is the only kind of political power that matters in the end.

I have my PhD in philosophy from the University of Kentucky and an MEd from Covenant College. Before returning to graduate school, I was a middle and high school teacher for sixteen years. In my blog, I draw a lot on my philosophical and educational background to inform what I write about. I also draw a lot from my everyday experience.  You will find that I often share my artwork in my posts. I do this because it is wonderfully fun to draw and paint and also because I think that pictures often help us more clearly understand difficult concepts like self-love and self-loathing, as well as political love and political loathing.

I teach ethics and Education for Social change at Georgetown College in Kentucky, and I am also the author of three logic and critical thinking textbooks for middle and high school students, which are published by Classical Academic Press: Argument Builder, Discovery of Deduction (co-author), and Everyday Debate.

I live in Kentucky with my husband, John, and my two adorable cats, Jax and Leo.

You can reach me at shellypruittjohnson@gmail.com